My Story


"Character design"

I have always admired characters in animation, video games, and to the point where I want to learn how characters are made. When making a original character I do lots of research based on the theme of the character. I read lore and history to create a background for the character. I look into symbolism such color meanings, astrology, fashion or even watch movies that can give me inspiration. Depending on the character sometimes to make them feel more alive I base them on people I've met or some of my life experiences. When referencing a culture its very important to do your research and reach out to others who are from the culture to understand the boundaries of it.

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"Repainting dolls"

I grew up playing with dolls and grew a strong interest to learn how to make my dolls. I appreciated the elegance and subtle details that is applied into dolls faces. From making dolls I learned how to portray likeness from real life and pop culture. To repaint doll faces I use acrylics, pastels, water color pencils, and sealants. 

My Story


''Fan Art"

I am a fast learner and excel at combining many art methods. Skills such as water color, acrylic, pastels, charcoal, color pencils, ink, marker and graphite. I have experience in art commissions and created many mixed media art pieces.

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I have the skills to designs characters but its important to understand story and how to structure a story with art. I spent three months to make a astonishing storyboard with Photoshop using digital painting.


Adam Price

I'm from Hoboken, New jersey and I live in Arizona attending University of advancing technology and working on a bachelor degree in Game art and animations. Currently a digital artist with a background of traditional art and doll making skills with a dream of becoming animator and character artist.

I have a passion for comics, fighting games, movies, gothic horror, and learning about the fundamentals of stories and making unique characters. 


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