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Riley Midnight

Riley full character sheet copy.jpg
Riley side view with sleeves copy.jpg
Riley view with out jacket copy.jpg
Riley doll body character sheet copy.jpg

Innovation Claim

Bringing two mediums that haven't been explored enough into a fresh innovative game where stop motion puppets are playable in a fighting game. Spectrum is a stop motion fighting game starring Riley Midnight, a living magical doll.


Riley is created through the love of magic and science from his father, an Alchemist, and his mother, a Fairy Witch. The story of the spectrum has a fairytale style with a monster narrative. The whole cast of characters is a spectrum of all kinds of creatures and beings. Riley thinks differently from others because he has Asperger Syndrome, a form of Autism that places him on the spectrum.

Riley is born in the fairy realm and has never been to the human world. He has heard so many magical stories about the human world from his mother. Riley is so curious about this world and wants to discover every spectrum of this world. He wants to go on a journey to the human world and start a magic show to present who he is! Little does he know there are monsters that lurk in the shadows of the human world. 

Riley Prototype

Riley prototype one.jpg
Riley close up.jpg

Riley's Idle Test Footage


Sip Pitch Presentation

This is my Sip presentation of the process of creating my first prototype stop-motion puppet Riley. 

Best Sip Pitch Award 2022


I won the best pitch award for my Sip showcase of Spectrum. 


Riley Test Footage 2

Riley's Perfection

This is test footage 2 for prototype Riley. I created a morning routine for him to test out how I can express his emotions and personality. This mini short represents the feeling when you make a mistake in an art piece you dedicated your time to. 

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